Digital Advocacy

Ubuni Creatives brings a proven advocacy strategy to define your audiences, educate them about your issues, and inspire them to act while nurturing high-quality relationships with them over time. Build an effective advocacy brand with Ubuni Creatives.

Silicon Valley’s biggest brands rely on Ubuni Creatives for digital advocacy because our technology sets us apart. We merge digital strategy with long-term relationship building to mobilize your advocates and equip them to make their voices heard, from quick actions to long-term grassroots campaigns.

We don’t just drive actions. We empower change-makers. 


Ubuni Creatives first identifies the audiences you need to reach to drive the change you want to see. We zero in on which decision-makers can move the needle and which advocates can reach them. We use the most sophisticated targeting techniques from digital media and database marketing to grow our advocate community. 


After identifying your audiences, we then work to educate them about your issue. Ubuni Creatives content and design teams craft memorable and compelling educational messaging and visuals. We then use our email/mobile marketing expertise to directly educate subscribers we've recruited, raise awareness, and spark conversation. 


Ubuni Creatives understands what motivates people to act, down to the fine details that can increase results by valuable percentage points. Whether the audience is local, national, or international, we have the technology and experience to drive impact.

We are data-driven, continually testing email campaigns, landing pages, and messaging to do more, with greater efficiency.


One of the most fundamental aspects of an effective advocacy strategy is keeping advocates engaged over the long periods it often takes for change to unfold.

Ubuni Creatives works to cultivate long-term, trusting relationships with your advocates. We continuously design new engagement opportunities ranging from events to surveys and personalized and automated communications. We create social channels and maintain consistent content calendars.

Ubuni Creatives conducts ongoing research and interviews to stay informed on the changing landscape, what’s going on in the lives of people in your community, and where the issue fits in. 

We continuously educate and empower your advocates so, when the time comes to act, they’ll know exactly what to do - and why they’re doing it.

  • "Ubuni Creatives has helped us significantly expand our growth by upwards of 1,000%. They've implemented a lot of great ideas that have helped us reach more people and increase membership across digital platforms, including social media."

    Carolyne Nekesa - Brand Manager
    AAR, Marketing

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