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We AARe as human as you Campaign
Clever Care Health Plan Case Study

Facts & Results

Over 9% clickthrough rate (CTR)
Over 1,300 leads from digital advertising
Over 800k impressions
AAR’s website serves 3 countries

Our Role

Digital advertising
Creative services
Social media management
Website design & development (WordPress)
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Run a campain on AAR's we are human as you campaign.

Our approach

At Ubuni Creatives Creatives, our successful campaign for AAR Hospital, titled "We Are Human as You," was built upon a deeply empathetic and relatable approach. Recognizing the importance of healthcare in everyone's life, we aimed to humanize the hospital experience.

Our strategy revolved around showcasing the compassionate and caring side of AAR Hospital staff, making them approachable and relatable. We created authentic, emotionally charged stories of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals going above and beyond to help patients. This approach highlighted the human connection between caregivers and patients, fostering trust and comfort.

The campaign utilized a mix of video testimonials, heartwarming stories, and real-life experiences, shared across various platforms. By emphasizing the human element and the hospital's commitment to patient well-being, we established a strong emotional connection with the audience. This approach resulted in increased brand loyalty, patient retention, and positive public perception, ultimately achieving our campaign's objectives.

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