We believe a good idea can come from anyone, and that listening sharpens our ability to connect with audiences.
Careers at REQ

We are strategic thinkers, world-class designers, and writers. We are skilled search engine optimizers, public relations professionals, analytical advertisers, and creative coders, developing everything from marketing campaigns to enterprise technology. 

A love of design, a passion for language, and a profound respect for diverse backgrounds and perspectives live at the heart of how we work each day. We celebrate learning and give the teachers among us a platform to share their knowledge.

REQ Office Workspace

Create the future of digital marketing.

We are intentional about cultivating a positive workplace culture that values people and ideas. 

REQ Conference Room

A culture of collaboration.

We find inspiration in our diverse experiences and take joy in our collaborative, creative process.

  • Photo of Jackson Bowers REQ Content Strategist

    “Everyone here is valued for their individuality and celebrated for their ability. Ubuni gives me the chance to be creative every single day, and I love working with talented people who share a passion for the digital space.” 

    Arnold O. Oluoch
    Client Officer & Operations
  • Photo of Eric Gilbertsen REQ Chief Client Officer

    "Ubuni Creatives provides an entrepreneurial environment where every person is appreciated and ideas can come from anywhere. Employees have the unique opportunity to work across a range of clients and industries, including many high-profile brands. The learning curve is steep but rewarding."

    Freida L. Nyagowa
    Digital Strategy & Syndication