Online Reputation Management

Access niche online reputation management services to tell your story and empower your brand online.
Ubuni Online Reputation Management ORM Service

Crucial decisions and opinions are increasingly made based on search results alone. Why leave those results to chance? Present the best and most accurate information about your brand, gain control of your digital reputation, and get noticed for the right reasons with Ubuni Creatives.

As a company founded at the dawn of the search engine era, Ubuni Creatives defined the field of online reputation management (ORM) and has years of experience equipping leading brands with tactical reputation solutions and ORM services.

We build, monitor, and influence relevant online content, wherever it lives, to accentuate the aspects of your story you want to be known for. 

Ubuni Creatives Perceive™ Reputation Management Dashboard and RepScore

Our proprietary dashboard, Ubuni Creatives Perceive™, analyzes search engine results in real time, using qualitative and quantitative metrics to arrive at a singular metric: RepScore. Your RepScore is powered by an algorithm we created to assess the value of your branded search results in light of what we know about user behaviors, at the global, regional, or local level. 

These insights make it possible to measure success over time and provide benchmarks that resonate throughout the process.

Additional tools allow us to monitor how your reputation echoes across social media, allowing for sentiment analysis and live tracking alerts.

REQ Perceive Online Repuation Management Search Engine Optimization Dashboard

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